Why I cannot date a co-artiste – Ejehi Ejodamen

In this exclusive chat, plumpy movie star, Ejehi Ejodamen, talks about a range of issues including why she cannot date any of her colleagues in the movie industry.


How and where I spent my yuletide

I spent my yuletide partly in Ekpoma, Uromi and Benin. I attended some shows that I and some of my colleagues organised. Attendance was strictly by invitation in line with the Covid-19 pandemic protocol. I also spent some time with some of my family members and friends. I also attended an end of year party in Ekpoma whose attendance was also strictly by invitation.

The day a fan embarrassed me

The person was all over me drawing people’s attention to me and trying to be friendly. I was really not too comfortable with what was going on as I couldn’t engage in other meaningful things at that moment. All through the encounter I stayed calm so as not to be seen as been proud.

How would you describe 2020?

The year 2020 was not a good year for the movie industry. It was not a favourable year for movie practitioners. The period of the lockdown was very hectic as there were no jobs. For those of us who depend solely on the industry for sustenance it was not a funny issue at all. We thank God that we survived the year. We hope 2021 would be better.

The most interesting movie that you have acted in

It is the Son of Mercy directed by Amen Imasuen. Amen is fun to work with. He is precise and easy going.

Can you date a co-artiste?

No, I don’t quite like it. I just see dating one’s colleague as an irresponsible act. Before you know it the relationship might hit the rocks. Then I start scouting for another artiste to date. If I want to have an affair with any guy I should look outside the movie industry and not where I get my daily bread from. I don’t really like.

What should your fans look out for in 2021?

They should look out for the best of me. I promise to give them the very best.

Are you a day or night person?

I am not really a night person. I am a day person. I don’t like hanging out at night.

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