Our objectives go beyond making life difficult for our female counterparts, says SMAN

Elders Stingy Men Association of Nigeria(SMAN) has assured that their concept, visions, goals and objectives go beyond making life difficult for their female counterparts. 

In a statement signed by Cletus Opukeme, a national ex-officio member of the Abuja branch, the new group said: “Elders Stingy Men Association of Nigeria(SMAN) vision may be different from the youths. Although, we are both pursuing the same objectives, using different approaches.

“Our SMAN agenda is to make future millionaires through entrepreneurial development resulting from financial prudence/management and zero tolerance to financial waste or profligacy. 

“SMAN is the only direct response to the current economic recession faced as a result of poor financial management/waste by Nigerian current and past political/ military leaders.

“We hope to send our representatives to both the federal executive council, Senate and Federal House of Representatives to interface with the various organs of government on how to make Nigeria work again by overcoming the current economic recession, unnecessary borrowing, using SMAN principles by cutting cost of governance in all political office holders allowances/expenses, starting from Mr. President.

“We as members of a stingy organization, we will employ our political office holders at all levels to exhibit  a high level of financial prudence, transparency and accountability to move the nation forward.

“Our dear women, the elders SMAN concept, visions, goals and objectives go beyond making life difficult for our female counterparts. 

“Therefore, we solicit for total support from Stingy Women Association Nigeria (SWAN) to see beyond SMAN agenda as a declaration of war against our women. We are aware, we cannot achieve our goals for a better society without the cooperation and support from members of SWAN.”

Going further, the group stated: “We appeal on behalf our SMAN to review your total padlock policy to avoid confrontation and breakdown of law and order in various SMAN families. 

“For our women, if you see your husband or boyfriends carrying our SMAN identity cards, we urge you to be happy and grateful to God as a wife of a future millionaire. SMAN does not connotes wickedness, but means financial wisdom and discipline.”

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