How Son of Mercy star survived food poisoning

Details have emerged of how thespian, Ejehi Ejodamen, a notable artiste on the set of Son of Mercy, the latest movie produced and directed by Amen Imasuen, survived food poisoning scare during the unveiling of the movie to the creme of the media on Monday, November 2nd, 2020.

In the midst of the entertainment writers was Ejehi Ejodamen radiant in a pink coloured gown and gold trinket on her neck. Not many noticed that the voluptuous actress felt uncomfortable for most part of the occasion, seating on the edge of her chair. 

She carried herself with such dignified gait that many of the guests did not notice that she avoided consuming any of the snacks that were made available by the host so that her condition does not relapse.

She almost missed the show if not for a strong will she adopted to ensure that she honours the occasion with her presence. A few hours to the commencement of the show Ejehi had been battling stomach disorder caused by food poisoning which reared its ugly head the previous day.

The whole thing it was gathered started about 24 hours to the epoch event and she adopted a strong will to overcome the setback. 

Meanwhile, Amen is working round the clock to ensure that all loose ends are tied so that the movie which also features other top stars like Alex Ekubo, Kevin Ikeduba, Clif Igbinovia, Greg Ojefua and Linda Osifo hit cinema halls nationwide on Friday, December 11th, 2020.

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