Group cautions Tunde Ayeni over theft allegation against Ned Nwoko

A Niger Delta Peace advocacy group, the Niger Delta Dialogue Peace Initiative(NDDPI) has described as “frivolous” and “baseless” the allegation of theft and fraudulent acts brought against Prince Ned Nwoko by the former Managing Director of the Skye Bank(now Polaris Bank), Mr Olatunde John Ayeni. 

According to the group, Prince Ned Nwoko is an illustrious son of the Niger Delta region who has paid a lot of price in peace building and community development with human empowerment activities across the length and breadth of Niger Delta region. 

The group after an emergency meeting convened by its National Coordinator, Prince Jude Tabai and Deputy National Coordinator, Commander Fiawei Pathfinder, stated that its was drawn to the allegations by Mr. Olatunde John Ayeni claiming that Prince Ned Nwoko is involved in alleged shaddy and fraudulent deals. 

According to the group, “We, as a peace advocacy group that have had opportunity and privilege to work with Prince Ned Nwoko can confirm that he is a gentleman enterpreneur and legitimate businessman who has never been involved in any financial mismanagement issues. He has never been involved in shaddy deals even when he was in the House Of Representatives as a honourable member.”

The group whose membership is made up of peace advocates and ex-militant leaders from the Niger Delta region, declared that its preliminary investigation showed that the allegation was sponsored and coated with false intention against the duo of Prince Ned Nwoko and Captain Hosa Okunbo.

“With this knowledge, we, the leadership of the Niger Delta Dialogue Peace Initiative, want to use this opportunity to warn the so called Mr Tunde Ayeni to desist from false accusation or otherwise he will make us to vent our anger on him if he refuses to stay clear of this smear campaign and futile efforts to dent the good image of Prince Ned Nwoko.

“And as such we, the leadership of the group, also want to seize this opportunity to correct the falsely publicised statement made by the acting National Chairman of ALGON, who is making careless statement on the pages of newspapers and online media against Prince Ned Nwokolo over the court judgement directing the Ministry of Finance to acknowledge the contract agreement between the federal government and the company of Prince Ned Nwoko on the Paris Club bail out funds of wish the court directed that the Finance Ministry should henceforth deduct some certain amount from the monthly funds of the 36 state governments accounts and the 774 local government councils accounts as outstanding debt due to the Paris Club bail out funds.

“And as such, the general public should not be deceived because the truth is that it is the duty of the lender to collect his monies from a debtor without any argument and Prince Ned Nwoko is a legitimate businessman and he is not embarking on any illegal deduction from the various state governments and local government accounts as been falsely and carelessly speculated by the ALGON acting chairman and therefore we urge the general public with the Presidency to take note and disregard any false statements regarding  the issue of Paris Club bailout funds saga involving Prince Ned Nwoko henceforth.”

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